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Man has been manufacturing gem quality synthetic diamonds since the early 1970’s.  These diamonds started appearing in small sizes with relatively easy to detect features.  Today these man made diamonds are being manufactured in many countries through many different processes.  They are being made faster, larger and cheaper than ever before and they are showing up in jewelry. 

Synthetic diamonds have created detection difficulties for jewelers and appraisers.  Even GIA graduate gemologists with field gemological lab equipment have had detection problems.  Standard diamond testers which work on thermal conductivity will not differentiate between natural and synthetic.  The GIA, Gemological Institute of America even started issuing diamond grading reports on synthetic diamonds.  These man made diamonds are not diamond simulants as are CZs, cubic zirconias, they are actually diamonds with the same properties.  Synthetic diamonds have the same hardness, chemical composition, specific gravity, refractive index, etc.  The best detection techniques in the field include a trained eye, ultraviolet light, and magnets.

This web site will be a source for information and assistance in locating synthetic diamonds.

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